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Religious Articles

We believe that good religion is logical and sound, because it is true. Here at science2religion we do not shy away from difficult arguments that challenge our religious beliefs. We believe that if antitheistic arguments are made in earnest, they deserve a rational honest reply. Moreover, we believe that the best path to objective truth is not to appeal to emotions, or based on their source, but through rational discourse.

Science 2 Religion's Response to Antithestic Arguments

The science2religion series on antithesistic arguments, addresses what we feel are the strongest existing arguments against God's existence. We understand in science that doubt is, in a sense, the default position -- the so called null hypothesis. And that it is generally not possible to prove that something does not exist. However, we have found that many people appeal to arguments that purport to show that God does not exist, and thus address them here.

Paradox of the Stone

Addressing the Paradox of the Stone, that challenges the existence of omnipotent beings.

Author: Steven Gaskill,    Date: 3/25/2023


Problem of Evil

A scientific approach to answering the age-old problem of evil.

Author: Steven Gaskill,    Date: 3/25/2023

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