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Science Articles

We believe that true religion can inspire good science. This page is a repository for such scientific articles. The topic area to-date are new ideas for the fundamentals of physics. The articles are written in plain English, but there are mathematical equations which are intended to be kept at a undergraduate, or even high-school level attempting to make the ideas more widely available.

Science 2 Religion's Series on Light and Matter

The science2religion series on light and matter are articles based on a central hypothesis, on how ubiquitous and fundamental light is in our Universe. Although we believe that this has religious implications, here he focus on this new science inspired by religion.

Are Electrons Spinning?

Analysis of electron spin leads to an enlightening theory about matter.

Author: Steven Gaskill,    Date: 3/25/2023


Matter is Energy

Revisiting Einstein's most famous equation based on a new theory.

Author: Steven Gaskill,    Date: 3/25/2023

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